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Honma Company Profile

The Birth of "Made in JAPAN" 6 | Company profile Company profile | 7 We at HONMA GOLF CO.,LTD. have been bringing our customers top-quality golf clubs for the past half-century, ever since our establishment in 1959. The company was first started by the decedents of the HONMA house, who were a prominent merchant family hundreds of years ago, in the Sakata region of northwestern Japan. Each and every club is painstakingly hand- crafted including the casting, coating, polishing, and paint coat application processes, as well as shaft production by some 100 craftsmen. The "made in Japan Sakata" imprint represents the pride of the Sakata craftsmen. No ordinary sports equipment, these clubs are renowned as nothing less than works of arts. Still, far from becoming complacent with our reputation for excellence, we are committed to continuing to deliver golf clubs that delight our customers the world over through our unique fusion of traditional and innovative technology. Tokyo Sakata Osaka