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Honma Company Profile

After the shaft is connected to the club head, our HONMA craftsmen will check each club by hand; the balance of the club must be right and it must be perfectly aligned. He will make minute adjustments when he feels that it is necessary to obtain the right balance and perfection. The Birth of "Made in JAPAN" The Artistry of Persimmon Still Lives in Our Titanium Clubs. Irons Polished Like Fire Swords. Among the materials used for manufacturing of golf clubs, titanium represents the forefront of technology. While being a tough, tenacious material, it is able to maintain it's strength even if the thickness is drastically reduced. This enables us to increase the volume of the head to the maximum thereby expanding the sweet area and greatly improving the stability and accuracy of shots. However, a club made using simply scientific data is in danger of losing it's beauty. To this end, HONMA have adopted the gold rules developed from the making of persimmon clubs, such as the shaped, for titanium clubs as well and have managed to beautifully marry both artistry and science. Here at HONMA, we believe the ability to make products from any materials which appeal to your emotions is the most important consideration. Irons must allow the golfer not only easily to address the ball but also to feel the ease with which the club drives through the ball. Stated in terms of a fine blade, a swordsman must be able to feel how well his sword will cut the moment the sword is removed from its sheath. Similarly, our skilled craftsmen polish the heads made by the casting and forging processes to convey a similar sense of preparedness to the golfer. With our beautifully finished irons, even the trajectory can be imagined the moment the club is addressed. Finishing FLOW CHART Sculpting of a Head Model X-ray Examination Polishing Assembling Like a sculptor, our HONMA designer carves a rough wood block into a smooth and round model which will be the head for a wood golf club. Every titanium head is individually inspected by an X-ray detector. Even a microscopic scratch will be detected in this process. The polishing of the head is carried out to a 1/100th of a millimeter scale. Our HONMA Craftsmen check the painted surface which has a mirror-like finish and will only be happy when he can see his face clearly on the surface. 8 | Company profile Company profile | 9 HONMA’s club creation begins with the designer carving a wood pattern, which becomes the master model. The spraying operation is carefully carried out one club at a time by hand. Polish on the head is measured to one one- hundredth of a millimeter. The sensibilities of a master craftsman bring out the club’s beauty. Lie angle and loft angle of an iron are checked stringently by placing them on a special gauge. A plating operation is performed to convey the unique impact sensation of soft iron. The faces are plated with three different layers, twice with copper, then nickel and finally with chromium.