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Honma Company Profile

The Birth of "Made in JAPAN" A Large Scale Distribution Center Covering the World Interpretation capabilities and skills for materializing demands Overseas Sales While also being a manufacturer one of Honma most impressive characteristics is its sales through HONMA's directly owned shops. What is most important for this is the rapid and accurate response to our Domestic shops, numbering over 50, as well as our overseas subsidiary shops. In order to take full advantage of these manufacturing and direct sales methods, a distribution center was completed in September of 1997 and is provided with one of the most modern distribution and stock control systems in the world. Through this center, we ship our 'Made in Japan' clubs both domestically and overseas. There are professional golfers who belong to HONMA GOLF. The clubs they use in tour events are always tuned in response to their demands. To meet the demands of professional golfers, it is required to have perfect control over the clubs. Adjusting the clubs in terms of millimeters or smaller units to meet the demands of the respective players is not within the realm of measurement. This can be done only with a sense acquired over the years, which the hands of our craftsmen memorize. Instead, craftsmen need to have the ability to correctly interpret the intentions that players want to convey. They must have a verbal capability, communication ability, and ability for materializing what they interpret. Taking on the adjustment of professional golfers’ clubs requires extreme caution because there is no room for failure, and the clubs cannot be repaired if they are machined excessively. Golfers cannot leave the clubs with craftsmen without a trusting relationship between the ordering party and the order-receiving party. Although machine performance has evolved significantly, there are few cases where good workmanship can be achieved without human intervention. This is because golf clubs are tools for humans. They can be only adjusted when the habit and intention of the user are understood. If there is no understanding, customization according to respective users cannot be done. HONMA GOLF clubs have been evolving through a commitment to the development of craftsmen. Behind-the-scenes contributors relied on by professional golfers are our craftsmen who are humble but have a strong conviction. As a leading Japanese Golf Manufacture since 1959, HONMA has succeeded in distributing our "Made in Japan, SAKATA" products to more than 45 countries around world and we maintain 2 overseas subsidiaries - in Taiwan, and Thailand. For half a century, HONMA has totally dedicated to produce finest golf clubs which are true work of art, hand-created by skilled craftsmen in small town of Sakata, situated in the northern part of Japan. It is our belief that, for maintaining our high-standard quality, we produce all products in our very own factory. For the next 50 years and more even more, we will continue contributing to influence with the golf industry and gain more golf fans around world. Our ultimate goal is to help and satisfy all golf players in any levels in their own way of improvement. 10 | Company profile Company profile | 11