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Honma Company Profile

Products Company profile | 1514 | Company profile Beyound the legend The extremely mild feel through impact resonates with the player. It takes some 10-20 heads to create one perfect club of the highest grade HONMA has to offer - the five-star. Work on each club begins once we receive custom-order instructions on specifications from the customer, which is exactly what we do when we contract to create clubs for professional golfers. We also comply with customer requests with regard to design, and order is undertaken by the entire Sakata Factory working together. The five-star club is the symbol of the Sakata Factory, whose personnel go to extraordinary lengths to address and incorporate technically difficult design aspects into these clubs. The five-stars is thus a product of the unflagging ability of the Sakata factory personnel to take up new challenges, and the word "compromise" is not in their vocabulary. This club is not just about performance: it's all about aesthetics, too. Honma's master craftsmen have made sure that this club is something truly inspiring.